Clear communication key to Syncontext's new brand

July 5, 2021

Syncontext New Brand It seemed like a no-brainer.
Syncontext, a leader in supply chain science, had developed a cutting-edge way for companies to optimize their distribution network, save time and money, and positively impact their business, employees and customers. It was a sure thing, too. Powered by analytics and algorithms, and based on each company's unique data, Syncontext's solutions would show customers exactly how much time, money and resources they were wasting, and exactly what they could do to fix the problem. Some suggestions were deceptively simple. In one case, a company spent one hour of labour to move 13 items and saved $36,000 per year. It was just one small action that, combined with others, resulted in millions of savings annually. In short, Syncontext promised exciting new insight and opportunities to make supply chains safer, more efficient, and more profitable than ever before, yet they were struggling to convert leads into paying customers. Why?

Forming the right words
Part of the problem was their message. Syncontext's website and pitch deck—their main tools for finding clients—had a lot of words and calls to action, but very little meaningful content. The majority of their talking points focused on software functions, "next generation" technology, and nitty-gritty details. Introductory pieces (home page headlines, explainer videos) lacked focus and value. There was too much emphasis on general challenges, basic functions and industry jargon. Syncontext had a great solution, but they needed help communicating that point in a way that would get the attention of decision makers. Syncontext needed to reframe their offerings and change their approach from selling feature-filled products to providing valuable, holistic solutions and tangible, measurable results. Syncontext Old Website 1

Syncontext's website confused visitors with a lot of industry lingo and conflicting calls to action. Their message needed to be simple, clear and memorable.

Syncontext Old Website 2

Often, if you can't explain the value of your product or service within 7-10 slides, you need to rethink your messaging.

Pitch Illustration

A picture is worth a thousand words. Syncontext's new brand embraced clear, simple imagery to help communicate complex ideas and emphasize the immense value they bring to their clients.

New icons

New illustration

Finding a way forward
It was clear Syncontext needed a fresh approach to their brand and Communication Strategy to tie everything together. We worked with their leadership team to learn everything we could about their industry and clients until we could articulate the real value that they were offering and develop clear, powerful messaging that would resonate with their stakeholders. The message became simple: Waste is the enemy, and we can help you stop it.

We backed up this claim with amazing case studies and high-value guarantees that would minimize client risk and build trust. The company's leadership was confident that, provided a client properly adopted its solutions and made necessary adjustments over a reasonable amount of time, success would be virtually guaranteed. We leaned into that fact by offering a free Opportunity Estimate (via a 15 minute online form), and a transparent money back guarantee.

New Website Homepage
New Website Case Studies

In-depth case studies show just how much time, effort, money and resources many companies might be wasting. This Problem-Solution focus on the bottom line clearly communicates Syncontext's value proposition in a short amount of time.

New Website CTA
Clear language and an irresistible call to action takes the risk away from the client and puts it on the company.

Fashioning a new look
Finally, Syncontext needed a new identity to bring everything together. Their previous look was professional and industry appropriate, but its green and black colour scheme, imagery of shelving and warehouses, and enthusiastic use of all-caps text, it felt too technical and cold. Its explainer videos, on the other hand, seemed almost cartoony by comparison, and the pie chart logo, while appropriate for a company that works with numbers and percentages, felt flat and forgettable. Syncontext is about more than just busy warehouses and hard numbers. Along with a healthier bottom line, Syncontext solutions can benefit a company's Human Resources, Operations, Distribution, and their customers.

ODG developed a new logo, identity, and illustration set that better communicates this human-minded approach that serves as the foundation behind their complex algorithms and supply chain strategies. A broader colour palette added some much-needed energy and flexibility to their communication, and a new imagery strategy took the focus off the warehouse shelves and placed it onto the people—the employees and the customers—who benefit most from an efficient, well-managed operation. The result is a much more dynamic, versatile and relevant brand that communicates the value of a Syncontext solution loud and clear.
Before and After Brand Messaging

Putting it all together
With a comprehensive strategy and updated look, it was easy to roll out the new brand and start selling. Guided by all the work thus far, ODG developed clear, concise copy, in-depth case studies, and easy-to-understand visual aids. The Syncontext website was rebuilt from the ground up with a completely new structure and menu system, eye-catching animations, and clear calls to action. Perhaps most importantly, Syncontext's pitch was streamlined from a complex 90 minute presentation to a 15 minute showcase. It was now easier than ever to show prospects exactly what they could expect if they partnered with Syncontext.

The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive, and the team have found it much easier to articulate what they do and why that matters. Potential clients have a better basic understanding of the value and technology behind the brand, making pitches and sales calls far easier. Syncontext's leadership has noted that their prospects take them more seriously, and are excited to hear more. With the marketing basics now firmly established, we'll be working with the Syncontext team to develop an economically efficient digital marketing strategy that will help spread the word and convert more prospects into satisfied customers.

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