An amazing video testimonial for S&R Denim

May, 2019

Mention the word "influencer" in a marketing meeting and many eyes will roll. We'd be the first to admit that when developing campaign ideas for a client, investing money in influencers would not have previously been be the highest of priorities.

Recently though, this changed.

We launched a custom apron building tool for S&R Denim earlier this year which has had much success (see case study). To help promote his business, the owner contacted some prominent people in his industry with some coupon codes to generate their own aprons on the site for free.

A few weeks later, a video was posted by Luka Lajoie, and we were stunned by the quality. Not only a great testimonial, but also a promotional tool to show what a customer can expect when ordering an apron from our site.

See the video below:

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