New website for Eclipse Awards

March, 2019

Eclipse Awards has been a client of ours for over 12 years. The first version of their website was a custom e-commerce system we made in 2007 which processed tens of thousands of orders.

Their system and website grew old though as new technologies emerged, and it was time for a facelift, which is now up and running on

Eclipse New Website Design

A system with unique requirements

Eclipse makes beautiful awards. When their customers order them online, they will often order large quantities with heavy amounts of customization needed, such as the logo, recipient name and special product options.

To handle this, a custom solution was needed to be able to control every line of programming for managing the order process.

Eclipse Award Product

Quantity Based Discounts A custom product discount system gives Eclipse control to reward high quantity orders. Eclipse has control to define the discount levels on a product by product basis.

Eclipse Checkout

Delivery Dates and Rush Charges During checkout, customers select their order delivery date from a calendar, which indicates how rush charges (or discounts) are applied.

Eclipse Checkout

Order Personalization The ability to personalize your order during checkout is critical. Here, you can upload excel files of data, logo attachments, or personalize each award on a product by product basis.

Eclipse Checkout

Billing Pre-Auth When the order is produced, many requests often happen which makes it difficult for Eclipse to charge their customers before the order is completed. For this reason, we integrated a credit card pre-auth system which receives approval of the cardholder's account, stores a token (permission slip), which enables us to fully charge the card at a later date, without having to store credit card information in our database.

Eclipse Checkout

Order Progress Emails From the administration side, Eclipse manages their orders through our custom admin panel. Here's a sample of what the customer sees in their email box when the order gets a progress update during production.

Eclipse Checkout

See these new features and more at

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