When saving lives is what matters most.

FirstLook has created the first wireless 360° spherical rescue camera, used by rescue professionals around the world. With a new brand identity, communication strategy and website, they're ready to show how it's a revolutionary shift away from the industry norm.


FirstLook's team produces world-class devices for rescue professionals, but their existing marketing was focused on the technical details.

As a team, we collaborated to identify key areas that require improvement.

  • Brand strategy

    Who are we talking to? What do they need to know? How should that make them feel? These questions need to be answered in a formal brand strategy.
  • Identity and design theme

    We recognized the importance of a distinctive and impactful theme that could be uniquely associated with their brand, and seamlessly integrated across all marketing efforts.
  • A new website

    Their original product website was nested inside of the corporate website of their parent company, which created brand confusion. A new site was needed.
  • Video integration

    This isn't software used on a computer screen, it's a device used on the ground in difficult situations. Done right, video and photography will be critical to show it in action by rescue professionals.
  • Make the features clear

    We had to make it instantly clear that by using the FirstLook camera, you will be able to search faster, with improved collaboration and reduced costs.


Something shocking happened

On June 24th 2021, the Surfside condominium complex in Florida collapsed, receiving much media attention across North America. On this date, we just happened to be in an early strategy workshop with FirstLook and we learned that their cameras were deployed there, actively looking for survivors, while we spoke.

Immediately, it was clear why this project was important - this company's products were saving lives.

Every brand strategy we create sets the tone and direction so that all communication activities, products, applications and materials work in harmony to achieve the desired change. It identifies the challenges and obstacles faced, suggests solutions to overcome them, and defines a strategy that enables everyone involved to provide input and agree upon the best way forward so that all marketing efforts are unified and we have a firm understanding of "this is our organization moving forward and how we're going to communicate it".

Who are we talking to?
Search and rescue professionals

What do they need to know?
Firstlook is the first 360° rescue camera. It is made by rescue professionals with extensive industry experience who care about the products they make and the job it performs. Users can search faster, collaborate better and reduce costs using our product.

How should this make them feel?
They should feel empowered and supported. Firstlook is an important ally in their arsenal.

A new tagline

We needed a simple, succinct tagline to quickly and effectively communicate FirstLook's core purpose. In everything they do, they're focused on providing innovative technological solutions to enable effective outcomes – so their customers are empowered to overcome obstacles, achieve their goals, and perform tasks at the highest level. With that purpose in mind, one distinct line emerged that accomplished this important communication objective: See More. Achieve More.

When all the rational and emotional benefits come together, customers 'see' that the complete FirstLook experience becomes 'more' than the sum of its' individual products, parts or services. This tagline focuses on two outcomes for the user, being able to have a better view and be able to accomplish more. Analyzing the tagline further, we realize that "Seeing" is more than the visual act of watching or observing. Seeing is also discovering, perceiving, recognizing, detecting, and identifying.


This new identity is composed of an outer frame interlocking with a number '1', creating a negative space "F" between them. With the obvious "1" in the logo, this identity puts an emphasis on being number one, or 1st—being the first on scene, the first in its class, and in first place for quality and dependability. The outer frame speaks to the idea of monitoring and framing things on screen.

The rigidity and boldness of the logo suggests strength and durability. Note the subtle "1" in the wordmark that echoes the icon.

Below, we build upon the identy to create a unifying design theme throughout their marketing, which is summarized in their brand guidelines document.


New photography of the various product components was taken, a new icon set was developed and together they were brought to life for Firstlook's upcoming trade shows across North America.


Creating the plan

A wireframe serves as a visual reference to aid in collaborative website planning with our clients. It provides a detailed plan outlining the various components of the website, including its organization, menu items, and features. Essentially, it serves as a blueprint for the website design.

It is important to note that a wireframe is not the final design, and therefore does not include colors, photography, or fully-developed copywriting. These elements will be incorporated in future stages. Despite this, we do strive to create a visually pleasing wireframe.

A visual experience

Outlined in our initial strategy work, it was important that this website makes it clear what Firstlook is, what the benefits are to the potential customer, while also demonstrating that Firstlook knows the industry and the pain points rescue personnel face.

The design uses a striking blend of bold red design elements, large typography, inline video clips and animation to bring a polished visual experience to the user. Below are some of our favourite sections.

Murphy Build a Bed Mobile
Murphy Build a Bed Mobile

Murphy Build a Bed Mobile

Special Feature: Video Panels

The website videos horizontal video panels with bold typography and red blocks for text. This creates a striking look to show key features while also connecting with the audience as familiar scenes and uniforms are present along with the product.

To minimize the impact of load times and negative SEO scores, these video panels are programmed to load asynchronously, meaning they only populate once they scroll into view.


In the time since their brand refresh, FirstLook has expanded sales globally into new markets and has seen their revenues grow over 55%!


"I can't say enough good things about the team at ODG and the incredible job they did with our new branding and website. From start to finish, the team was professional, responsive, and truly went above and beyond to make sure our new brand accurately represented who we are and what we stand for. The website they designed is stunning and user-friendly, and I love how it showcases our product in a way that's both informative and engaging. The new branding perfectly captures our company's mission and values, and there's no doubt that it has already attracted more customers to our business. I highly recommend ODG to anyone in need of branding and website design services - they are truly the best in the business."

Matt Fiddes, Chief Marketing Officer
Agility Technologies Corp.

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