The voice of BC's REALTORS®.

Since the mid 1970s, the British Columbia Real Estate Association has provided expert insight, education and useful business resources to, and on behalf of, its member boards. Though it exists primarily to serve its members, BCREA's role as government advocate, and its reputation among the media for valuable insight on industry economics, makes BCREA an occasional ambassador for REALTORS®—as well as the real estate industry as a whole—within the public eye.
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Despite its prominent role in educating, informing, and aiding BC REALTORS®, BCREA's current brand presence might best be described as "muddled." Many who work in BC real estate admit to not being fully aware of who BCREA is, what they do, or how they impact the industry. Others are more familiar with the association and the role it plays, but feel BCREA is out of touch, irrelevant, or ineffectual in its practice. There is a disconnect between BCREA and its stakeholders.

  • Strategy

    How do we better connect with, and support member boards and the REALTORS® they represent?
  • Identity

    While their existing identity was professional, it felt a bit cold and bureaucratic.
  • Website

    Their website was dated, and had to become their most important asset.
  • Content

    BCREA produces great content supporting REALTORS®, but was previously hidden from view.
  • Signage

    With a move to a new office space happening, a new physical presence was required.


Every brand strategy we create sets the tone and direction so that all communication activities, products, applications and materials work in harmony to achieve the desired change. It identifies the challenges and obstacles faced, suggests solutions to overcome them, and defines a strategy that enables everyone involved to provide input and agree upon the best way forward so that all marketing efforts are unified and we have a firm understanding of "this is our organization moving forward and how we're going to communicate it".

Below, a few snippets from our strategy document.

Who are we talking to?
Member Boards, Current REALTORS®, Potential REALTORS®

What do they need to know?
BCREA provides powerful tools to provide real value through organized and standardized resources, quality education, informed advocacy and timely, strategic insight and communication.

How should this make them feel?
Supported, informed, confident, enabled and empowered.


BCREA's logo is a simple, classic logomark that is friendly, uncomplicated and relatable. The four peaks, created by the arrows and their corresponding negative spaces, symbolize the four main property sectors, as well as mountains and rooftops, while the same elements, as upward-pointing arrows, imply a collective and cooperative push toward improvement and excellence. The lower element that ‘frames' the peaks can be interpreted as a speech bubble or an open single quote, symbolizing BCREA's role as the voice of BC REALTORS®, and the organization's importance in starting, facilitating and contributing to important conversations in the industry.


It was crucial to bring their internal content to the forefront.
  • In order to showcase the value provided by BCREA more effectively, their website required a blog-style content system. This would facilitate the prompt creation of timely, relevant content to their audience.

  • Posts on their website are carefully tagged and categorized, feature staff faces to show the people within their organization, and they're producing new content on a near-daily basis.


BCREA moved to a new location and needed some new reception signage.

Our resulting design features vertical wood paneling, reflecting the upward trajectory of the logo.


BCREA is one of our first clients, and has been with us for close to 23 years and we look forward to many more years ahead. It has been a pleasure following them on social media and watching the brand come to life.


"It is a pleasure to work with such a talented and dedicated team. I would highly recommend ODG to any company seeking a partner who values collaboration, excellence, and exceptional customer service. Thank you for all that you do! "

Janie Cranfield, Manager, Marketing & Communications
BC Real Estate Association

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