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  • Every kind Of multifamily campaign, including highrises, townhomes and detached family homes.
  • 80+ projects Marketed from start to finish
  • 4,500+ homes Sold throughout the Lower Mainland
  • 20+ Industry awards, and counting
  • Whether you’re selling a mixed-use building in Vancouver, single-family homes in Surrey, or condos in Abbotsford, homebuilders often share the same goals: rapid absorption levels and profitable results.
  • The obstacles that stand in your way are as diverse as they are dynamic, and you’ll need the right team to get the best return on your marketing and sales investment. That’s where we come in.

Our Approach

Strategy, design and technology.

ODG excels in crafting well-defined, award-winning and proven marketing programs for some of the Lower Mainland’s most sought after homebuilders. The secret is found in our approach, where we combine strategy, design and technology to create streamlined, multi-faceted and innovative solutions. The result is a consumer-focused, cost-efficient program that’s tailor-made for your project.

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  • Ovation Award


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Step 1 - Plan for Success

  • We do a lot of unique things to ensure a successful real estate project, but behind every outstanding deliverable or sales achievement is a sound process that keeps us true to our overall goals. We work closely with developers and their project sales team to develop the core of their real estate marketing.

  • With a roadmap in hand, you’ll be best positioned for success: from apps to analytics, brochures to billboards, your website to your sales centre, all of your marketing and sales efforts should work in unison. Our detail-oriented approach will help your company and new home developments achieve maximum impact in a competitive market.

We work with you to establish strategies, budgets, timelines, and long-term goals that will supply the best solutions to your marketing challenge.

Step 2 - Build a Brand Strategy

  • With a clear plan that defines your target demographic, their characteristics and motivations, it’s time to build a brand system that will captivate and convert home buyers. ODG will consult on your project budget, communication strategy, brand identity, digital solutions and social media, hardware and installation.

  • Then we help you assemble colour scheme boards, refine and sanitize floor plans, create stunning photo-realistic 3D renderings, beautiful community, amenity and feature photography, and informative copy. All of these elements will serve to inform and inspire your audience.

Step 3 - Envision and Design

  • While some agencies might handle one aspect of your campaign and outsource the rest, we create, execute and manage your entire campaign right here, in house. Our industry experience, filled with hard-won accolades and successes across the Lower Mainland, guide this step where your project’s marketing will take shape at the hands of our talented design team.

  • Our technology team has you covered, too. Whether your project calls for a simple-yet-sophisticated landing page or an in-depth and immersive digital experience, your digital presence will work seamlessly with your print, signage, and discovery centre experiences while generating qualified, high-quality leads online.

Whether it’s a big city tower, suburban townhome project or waterfront resort property, ODG has the experience, knowledge, and drive to make your next real estate project a huge success.

Step 4 - Execution and Installation

  • While other design companies might step back at this point, we’ll continue to guide and support your team. Our artists can provide detailed construction drawings for presentation centre assets and signage, and work directly with your chosen vendor, or our own, to ensure materials are crafted to exact specifications and installed on time.

  • We have a proven track record of success in all types of markets. Our creative solutions have delivered exceptional results for every kind of multifamily campaign, including exemplary pre-sales programs, revitalizing marketing campaigns for standing or foreclosed inventory, and tempo campaigns for large multi-phase projects.

Step 5 - Marketing and Sales Support

  • You can rest assured that your new home development will receive the best care and attention. From pre-sale programs to post-sale customer care, ODG can be a key player through your entire sales process. We’ll work with you and your team to ensure every detail of the sales cycle is carefully considered, and every step is calibrated to leave buyers with a positive memory of the home-buying experience.

  • Our input can be just as useful during completion—deficiency walk-throughs and home possession are crucial opportunities for many homebuilders to strengthen their brand’s value and the bond between buyer and builder. We’ll help you identify and capitalize on opportunities to foster homeowner pride, instill trust with quality customer support tools, and build a better, more tailored home buying experience.

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